What you need to know about coloring

The modern hair industry regularly offers new dyeing techniques, but there is a technique that does not go out of fashion - coloring. It will not harm your hair and will easily refresh your image. I'll tell you what this technique is, how to make it and how to maintain a beautiful shade. View here for more info: color melt hair

Coloring suitable for experimentation and camouflage

Coloring has many advantages over other coloring techniques, so it suits different girls. Due to the play of color, the effect of volume is achieved, therefore the technique solves the problem of hairstyling with thin hair.

Not the entire hair is lightened, but only individual strands, so they will receive much less damage from the action of chemicals than from blonding or dyeing in one tone.

Depending on the selected shade, the staining result will look good for two to four months and will not require frequent root tint. Coloring perfectly masks the first gray hair, suitable for any type and length of hair.

Coloring combines different techniques

Coloring is a complex technique in which different techniques are mixed. Stylists often joke that for clients, any coloring using lightening products is highlighting. This is partly true: coloring is similar to highlighting, since at the beginning of the process, the master lightens or darkens individual strands.

For the second stage of the work, the technique borrowed techniques from toning: after lightening, the strands are painted in several accent colors. This is a tricky stage: coloring allows you to mix from 2 to 15 shades and create incredible combinations, so choosing is not easy. Masters who know how to do this have a separate qualification of a colorist.

Coloring can be done on any hair

First you need to decide what shades the strands need. Any "source" is suitable for coloring: brunette, red-haired or blonde, with natural or dyed hair.

The result of coloring depends on the successful choice of colors. Now naturalness is in trend: if you just want to visually emphasize the depth of color, it is better to choose a palette that is close in tone. If you want to experiment and outrageous, you can choose shades of pink, turquoise, lilac, and in general all the colors of the rainbow.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the coloring procedure is long and time-consuming: the process usually takes at least three hours. You will need high-quality brightening powder and activator, persistent paint of the selected shades. Also, for work, you need to prepare a non-metallic container for mixing the clarifier, a brush for applying the composition, foil to seal strands of different shades, clips and a comb with a tail end to separate the strands.

The hair is divided into strands. If you need to add bright highlights to a too dark original hair color, first you need to apply a lightening compound to each strand, wrap them in pieces of special foil and wait. If you need dark accents, you can treat the strands of the original color in different tones and make sure that they do not touch each other during the dyeing process.

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